Make partnerships succeed

50 to 70% of partnership fail or do not reach their goals

Partnership : innovation driven organization that decide to join forces to bring an innovation to market

How to make it right?
Our solution to deliver on your partnership goals

01. Neutral digital place

Each partner keeps using its own service provider

02. Alignment framework

Follow the check-list

03. Visualization of partnership assets & skills

Find and leverage each partner know-how

04. Project milestones at hand

Each partner keeps using its own project management tool

05. Track the health and progress of the partnership

Tracking of partnership activities

You can´t successfully bring an innovation to market on your own!

Up to 30% of companies’ revenues comes from the partnership they initiate.

Therefore, partnerships, as a strategic tool, grow by 15 to 25% year on year.

One of the main strategic growth options

Very good source of knowledge


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Knowledge Dissemination in the digital era


We had a great discussion with Associate Professor in Innovation Lykke Margot Ricard and Research Assistant Sophie Bach Hybel from the Department of Technology …
Why tracking your successes is essential


We have had a great discussion with Claus Cramer-Petersen, PhD, Digital Health Project Manager at Dawn Health about how to make partnerships successful. 
About the importance of knowledge transfer


We have interviewed Tobias Lutz, Senior Consultant Chemicals at Schlegel und Partner about how to make partnerships successful. 
The partner of choice


We asked Carsten Blau about challenges in the area of corporate innovation. He is the managing director of AUFWERT and a member of the scientific advisory board of PosterLab.
ISB participates in PosterLab

ISB participates in PosterLab

ISB and private investors participate in PosterLab from Mainz in order to promote innovation-oriented multiple partnerships in companies and knowledge transfer in universities.



"Companies recognize the importance of partnering for futures revenues, but they face a common challenge: though they build strategies centered on external innovations and collaborations they are doing so with organization built to bring internally developed products and services to market." Kelsey Glatz and David Chapnick from Vantage Partners, How good at partnering are we?


Vergeuden Sie keine Partnerschaft!

Unser Ziel ist es, einen einfachen Zugang zum Ökosystem von potenziellen Partnern (Organisationen und Personen) und deren Fähigkeiten zu schaffen. Dadurch stellen wir Ihnen die Werkzeuge und Dienstleistungen für eine bessere Zusammenarbeit zur Verfügung, womit sich PosterLab von traditionellen Lösungen differenziert.
Durch unsere Erfahrungen und zahlreichen Interviews mit Akademikern, Innovationsmanagern sowie Partnerschaftsmanagern haben wir Lösungen entwickelt, die einen grundlegenden Aspekt des Geschäftslebens ansprechen: Partnerschaft.

Team & Expertise

Our complementarity is our #1 asset.
The 3 co-founders, Santi Porta, Carsten Blau and Sebastien Charles put together their capabilities in software development, product design, innovation and partnership management to develop a unique solution.

In addition to the 3 different cultural (German, French, Spanish) and experience backgrounds of the founders, they are supported by a highly international team (8 nationalities from 4 different continents) as well as an Expert & Scientific Committee. The later help them to validate the assumption ad the solution market/fit.

"In my carreer as innovationmanager i was involved in many partnerships. So i know the success stories as well as the failures. Partnershipmanagement is a rather uncommon business. The digitalization quickens up processes if you know the existing challenge in the practical field."

Sébastien Charles, Co-Founder & MD